Monthly Archives: July 2015

AHi-voorlegging insake storting van rou riool in riviere

SA municipalities are discharging raw sewage into our river systems and wetland areas Raw sewage is polluting our river systems and poses an enormous health threat to the people living near contaminated areas. 1 The AHi calls on an immediate nationwide assessment by water experts of all incidences related to the deliberate discharge of raw […]

AHi-voorlegging insake nasionale minimum loon in parlement

SMALL businesses are pressing the government to tread carefully over enforcing a national minimum wage, warning that additional expenses would sink companies in the current difficult economic times. Representatives, and at least one small business owner, yesterday advised the portfolio committee on labour to take the high rate of small business liquidations into account along […]

Eskom tariff applications to NERSA

 Eskom submitted an application to Nersa for a “selective re-opener” of the tariff determination for 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18. Nersa announced on 29 June that this  application was rejected The Energy Intensive User Group (EIUG) engaged with the  National Treasury and energy regulator Nersa on Eskom’s application for a 25.3% tariff  increase that it said […]

ABCONN – your social media networking tool for business

ABCONN (Africa Business Connect) is Africa’s only online Chamber of Commerce. It takes your local business into Africa and your African business international. ABCONN was launched on 11 June 2015 at Leriba Lodge in Centurion. The creation of ABCONN as an online and interactive electronic platform to promote business with Africa, will give businesses in […]

Labour News for Business Owners

Part-time employment Until recently, our labour legislation has made no reference to part-time employment. Much publicity has been given to the amendments to the Labour Relations Act (LRA) insofar as they relate to labour brokers and fixed term contracts. What has gone almost unnoticed is the introduction of the protection of employees that are employed […]

AHi Bloemfontein & Glacier van Sanlam – Gala Dinee 2015 –

AHi Bloemfontein en Glacier van Sanlam se gala-ete het Vrydag 27 Februarie 2015 by die pragtige Woodlands Conference & Function Venue plaasgevind. Die sprekers was die wêreldbekende Frans Stroebel, strateeg en jare lange persoonlike assistent van wyle dr. Anton Rupert, asook Rocco Carr, sake-ontwikkelingsbestuurder van Glacier van Sanlam. Frans Stroebel was die strategiese- en bemarkingsdryfveer […]

Nuwe Touleiers vir Landbou

Christo van der Rheede begin 1 Augustus 2015 as Adjunk-Uitvoerende Hoof verantwoordelik vir landelike ontwikkeling, grondhervorming, bemagtiging en vaardigheidsontwikkeling by AgriSA. Van der Rheede sal verantwoordelik wees vir die transformasie-aspekte binne die landbou. Die feit dat die AHi ʼn uitnemende Uitvoerende Hoof gaan verloor is vergewis. Die Direksie en lede van die AHi spreek hul […]

AHi Nasionale Kongres – 5-9 Oktober 2015

Die AHi se nasionale kongres vind plaas vanaf 5 tot 9 Oktober 2015 in George. Die tema is die rol van besigheid in plaaslike regering en in plaaslike ekonomiese ontwikkeling. Die nasionale kongres sluit verskeie besigheidsperseel-, gemeenskaps- en skole besoeke in vir die Dinsdag en Woensdag. Daar is ook interessante sessies oor entrepreneursopleiding en paneelbesprekings. […]