Membership of AHi Bloemfontein has various advantages for members. Most of these services are provided without any cost, but other services carry a small cost.

Advantages of Membership:

The following are a few of the advantages that membership of Bloemfontein Business Chamber provides –

  • The Chamber is a source of information and reference for members;
  • AHi Bloemfontein has access to the President and his Cabinet via the AHi;
  • The Chamber provides opportunities for creating networks with other businesses and government institutions on local and provincial level;
  • Involvement in government decisions through member comments and input regarding legislation and policy;
  • Documentation regarding all levels of the business sector, of local, provincial and national level, is distributed to all members;
  • Information is distributed to members by means of newsletters and reports;
  • New members are introduced in the newsletter for free;
  • Members have access to the AHi Bloemfontein-website, that improves flow of business information;
  • Foreign trade opportunities are brought to members’ attention on a regular basis;
  • Members have the opportunity to attend the National Congress and other functions of the AHi, which offers the opportunity to acquire new business contacts and knowledge;
  • Members may participate in foreign visits and missions that are organized from time to time by the AHi, where contact with foreign business can be made;
  • A list of addresses of corporative and business members of BBC is available on request;
  • The annual membership fees are tax deductible;
  • Management on a regular basis organizes information sessions and opportunities regarding a variety of facets of the business world.
  • Please make use of our online application form if you are interested in joining the Business Chamber.

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